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ELEKTRO GG is well-known and respected company in our marketplace. The company started in 1985 and is still active after 26 years.

Initially operating by the name "Frigo Service", company dealt mainly with servicing home appliances until 1990, when it started with import and export of spare parts of home appliances. After the end of Balkan wars in 1999, the company started rebuilding and reengineering the business process.

From 2000 expansion of the scope of the company begun, which was a huge step forward and was needed in Kosovo market for some time. At this point, besides trade with spare parts and other home appliances related material, the company began also dealing with computer networks, optical networks material, which inspired the idea to change our company name into Electro AG.

Now we are vendor independent and at the same time provide multi-vendor consultancy with worldwide partners developing solid alliances with strategic industry leaders in technologies to offer our clients the best in products and services.

Our retail store is service oriented and we offer the most-up-to-date technologies that can be found in the market place.

We believe that delivering technologies within a competitive, global environment is a challenge facing most businesses. We have consistently met this challenge, and exceeded both organizational and client expectations in every situation whether on a consultancy basis or within a Fortune 500 setting. We have earned a reputation for managing diverse technical operations, garnering considerable cost savings for our clients, and improving their business efficiencies.

After 26 successful years Elektro AG offers concrete solutions for the problem as well as various projects in the field of electrical, computer and optical networks.

In order to support the ongoing rebuilding and business re-engineering effort throughout Kosovo, in 2011 our new facility consisting of over 2,000 square meters was completed. Our new corporate office is designed to accommodate additional growth for our employees, our equipment testing, training and testing facilities.

We will continue to facilitate more business like relationships with key partners (vendors and suppliers), and improve responsiveness to market challenges and opportunities, and when necessary, facilitate joint ventures with other companies.











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